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Spend time to grow your business leaving your business account worries to us
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Nandi PAY services
Nandi PAY


Personal IBAN account in your own name. Send and receive funds using your European IBAN credentials.



Transfer euros to everyone around the EEA using the SEPA scheme.

Currency exchange coming soon


Competitive exchange rates in all major currencies.

International transfers coming soon


Go beyond Europe – operate worldwide with international transfers.

Payment cards coming soon


Payment cards for businesses and individuals.

Why Nandi Pay?
Real person behind every process

Real person behind every process

Tired of explaining a robot about your business affairs? We are ready to listen and understand your challenges and guide you all the way from onboarding procedures to the support of daily transactions.

Combined with the latest technological solutions of remote identification and onboarding, our team is always ready to chat live.

Time is money

Time is money

We undertake to provide our response on account opening no later than 48 hours after submission of full information.

We know from personal experience that every minute counts in business. Sometimes getting a negative response on time is better than spending time in vain for months.

Quality over quantity

Quality over quantity

Our top priority is long-term business relationship with You. There are no application submission nor account opening fees for EEA clients in major cases.

Apart from exceptionally challenging cases that require involvement of third party checks, we will absorb onboarding costs – so You pay only for actual value you receive – your business transactions.

EU regulated, reliable and secure

EU regulated, reliable and secure

Nandi Finance, UAB is registered in EU, Lithuania. We are authorized and regulated by the Central Bank of Lithuania (CBoL) as an Electronic Money Institution.

Your funds will be directly kept at the Central Bank of Lithuania and commercial banks of EU. For convenience you can access those funds 24/7 via online banking.